Immigrants in America

People from all over the world acknowledge America as the land of opportunities and their creed the American Dream. The American Dream is a life that consists of freedom, happiness, and success. These rights were given to U.S citizens according to the Constitution. However, not all natural born citizens get the chance to experiences the “American Dream”. The paradox of illegal immigrants in America is that anyone can come to America and make economic, political, and social advancement. This paradox plays a significant role in the America economy. With America, being overpopulated several U.S citizen struggle to live the “middle class” life and the competitive competition among immigrants and natural born citizens for employment, education, healthcare, housing and other helpful resources. America taxpayers and the government spend a huge amount of unnecessary money to help illegal immigrants, as well as providing border patrol that is not very effective in preventing immigrants from entering the country unlawfully. Meanwhile, American help illegal immigrants fulfilled the American Dream, yet we have a huge amount of natural born citizens struggled to live above the poverty line.

The United States is extremely overpopulated and lacks the funding and resources of basic essentials that citizens need in order to survive. According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, over 11 million illegal immigrants reside in the U.S. This is one of the main factors why the poverty and criminal rate is constantly rising. The U.S government spends billions of dollars expanding the state and federal jails, so that they can have enough room to houses all the convicts and this creates a paradox.


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